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tv   News  ABC  October 4, 2012 6:30am-7:00am EDT

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usually slow moving traffic is what most of us experience on the beltway. but for one family, 695 will be a place they tell stories to their family for the rest of their lives. you want to pay more for your bge bill? of course you don't. however, the governor thinks you may change your mind. we're doing to tell you why. and this week we have sun, rain, humidity. haven't seen this yet though. we've got winter taking away the snow is falling before the leaves even come off the trees, it is thursday, october 4th, "good morning maryland," i'm charlie crowson. >> and i'm megan pringle, thank you so much for joining us, you look at the video and kind of excited for winter. >> not me. >> bring back summer please. i'm not ready for fall or winter or anything. >> we have a day of it though. >> tall order here you have a lot of people you need to make happy. >> i can't.
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for people that i really want to make happen pi this year we didn't have winter last year. >> thanks a lot lynette. >> all right, let's talk about what's going on right now because we have some patchy fog. not as bad as by any means of what we saw yesterday. yesterday widespread dense fog. today just patchy fog in some areas. maryland's most powerful radar is picking up son only wet weather this morning. scattered in nature and you can see that not everybody is getting in on the wet weather. but we can see it around harper county, bel air that's where you're starting to see the heavier rain. not rat pockets here. -- moderate pockets here. jarrettsville between and delta. crossing over the maryland and pennsylvania border, as you go through the remained over the morning. as we slide further back to the west around i-83, i know a lot of you take this road. we are going to be dealing with some slick roadways, manchester still wet weather and also westminster. so this is going to be the scenario through the remainder of the morning. just scattered showers, not everybody is going to be
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getting wet. i can't emphasize that enough. also some patchy fog out there. the commute to work on the dicey said. take it easy out there. and also we have temperatures that are quite mild. quite warm this morning. and very humid out there as well. davidsonville coming in at 71 degrees, 65 jeff sovereign and west friendship at 66 degrees. our last stop hour by hour, 82 degrees with sunshine by the afternoon. let's get a check now of the abc2 timesaver traffic with lauren cook. good morning. good morning lynned. well, as you mentioned -- lynned. well as you said we have patchy fog across the region and do expect reduced visibility. definitely turn on the low beams. unfortunately an accident right now on 95, along the southbound lanes at caton avenue. it has been confined to the shoulder but as you can see traffic just starting to jam and pick up. in baltimore city we have a crash on keith avenue at new vail street as well as fire on fleet street affecting traffic between broadway and register street. a live look now at the northwest side of 695 and old court road that outer loop
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extremely slow. that will continue as you make the drive down to route 40. fortunately therefore no problems -- there are no problems on the beltway from parkville to towson. the jeff going to be nice and clear. just that typical 11 minute ride right now to east fayette street. that's a look at your abc2 timesaver traffic. megan and charlie, over to you. 6:33 right now. and here's some news you probably don't want to hear. you may soon be paying more to keep your lights on. the glove nor is proposing a dollar or two added to your monthly electric bill. you may remember back in july, tens of thousands of people they were without power for days, so governor o'malley he put together a task force and this is to come up with ways to deal with the utility companies to better serve their customer. >> most of us would be willing to pay another $1 or $2 a month for a more reliable grid in order to avoid throwing out an
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average of $15 to $18 a month as we play roulette about the next storm and whether it will wipe out the grocery budget for the month. >> that surcharge only be put into place if approved by the public service commission. and if you're looking for work, we want to let you know we're always working for you. there is a job fair. it's going to be held today at m&t bank stadium specifically for men and women currently or formerly in the military. now it's also for their family members as well. the job fair is from 11:00 this morning until 3:00 in the afternoon. today companies are expected to attend they include verizon, johns hopkins university, and the aspen group just to name a few. well, there's a special event at the national aquarium today. the bee more for healthy babies program will be celebrating families. today more programs will help reduce infant mortality and build healthier families is going to be announced. also feature free tours of the aquarium. call him a beltway baby.
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>> a pregnant woman was on the way to the hospital to give birth and then things don't always work out as planned. her son couldn't wait to join us all. they are trained for situations like this one. when testifyny queen and her -- tiffany queen and her partner arrived on the beltway, they are contractions were -- her contractions were just two minutes apart. >> we got our ob kit ready. prepared the mother for the delivery. baby came out. it was very smooth delivery. father was present in the back of the ambulance and it was is very emotional experience and out came a little baby boy. >> all right, pretty emotional for tiffany queen too. this was the first delivery. all doing great on this thursday morning we're told. well, a mother and her five children jumped from a third floor building and it was on fire. a camera was rolling and caught the terrifying moments. this happened in newark, new
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jersey. only. >> only way out is the window. she said no don't do it. i said mom i'm going to help you, i'm going to help everybody. i landed right here on the awning and i fell out right here. >> well, it's believed the fire started after a candle was left burning in a bathroom. luckily the hospital directly across the street and the victims were rushed there to escape the flames. they're all listed now in stable condition. all right, well, has state of the art technology? >> it can withstand most natural dissters and this one is pretty impressive. did we mention it's about the size of a mall? a shopping mall. >> how cool is that? >> all right, also ahead this morning good samaritans stopped a thief from trying to rob a 62- year-old woman in a grocery store. we're going to have show you the void -- to show you the video. >> we have a powerful cold front that's going to move through and change all that. i'll tell you when that happens coming up. >> well, lynette there's a crash right now on 95, here at caton avenue. and we are dealing with several
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other accidents across the region. i'll have all the details coming up on "good morning maryland." um, hello.
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you know you can see plenty of mansions and big ones all around maryland but not quite like the one you're about to see. >> this is incredible. get this, i think this is too much. it's an astounding 72,000 square feet. that's how big it's going to be when it's finished. >> 72,000? now it's a castle come on. this is steve huff he's building the mansion in southwest missouri. not only is it more impressive by the size and also being built to resemble the last of the centuries. >> it is a concrete mansion that is designed to be tornado resistant and extremely energy efficient. it's 72,000 square feet in
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structure. there are i believe 13 bedrooms and 14, 15 bathrooms. when it's done it will look very traditional. >> i think they call that a hotel. >> i think so too. there's nothing cozy about that but there was a rule by his wife and daughter that the home has to be attractive not just efficient and of course big enough to entertain a lot of guests. i think with 72,000 square feet they have that covered. >> where's the restroom? this one is actually on the market. it was built by the former senior designer for walt disney. gray stone manor is located in california. it has five bedrooms and be like the guest house for this place. the dream home can be yours for about $1.5 million. all right, if you love going to the movies and a lot of you do, but you also hate the prices that come with it. hang on. >> we've got a new service we want to tell you about. it's a monthly pass that gets you into the shoe rhees, think of it as netflix for the -- movies, think of it as netflix for the theaters.
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>> one airline wants to ease your paint and help you leave -- pain and help up leave the country. >> the humidity is high this morning with dew points in the upper 60s to low 70s. i'll tell you when the more comfortable air works its way in here coming up. >> well, lynette there's a lot of congestion right now on 695. here at old court road. and we have a crash on 95 and several others across the region. i'll have all the details coming up on "good morning maryland."
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15 minutes away from 7:00 this morning. this is abc2 news to go, i'm megan pringle. >> and i'm charlie crowson. a lot but we begin with a check of the forecast with meteorologist lynette charles. >> good morning everyone. yes, we are dealing with some wet weather out there this morning. it is scattered in nature but maryland's most powerful radar is picking up on some scattered showers. so let's go ahead and look at that's going on in a lot of spots this morning. we go along i-83 and we can see some light to moderate rainfall that's all sliding to the north and east. jarrettsville as well as port deposit. also seeing some light showers around baltimore. wood lawn, towson even this
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morning and even over in dundalk. this is all sliding to essex and you will be under the gun in a matter of moments. so take that rain gear as you head out and about. temperatures are on the warm side this morning. 65 degrees in barnsville and the dew point is at 64. we're at northeast and that temperature is at 69 with a dew point of 66. with the dew points in the 70s and upper 60s we are feeling very humid out there this morning. this is what you can expect as we go through the hour by hour today. lunchtime, mostly cloudy skies but we will get some sunshine in here throughout the day. a temperature for a high coming in at 82 degrees. let's get a check now of the abc2 timesaver traffic with lauren cook. good morning. good morning lynette. well, we are dealing with several accidents. trouble in 95 with a crash along the southbound lanes at caton avenue. it has been confined to the shoulder but definitely causing a bit of a backup. and we have another accident, right on keith avenue at new vail street that you want to
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watch out for. and in fells point there's a house fire that's shut down fleet street between broadway and register street. linda so actually just posted a picture from the scene on facebook and we will bring you more on that in just a moment. now on the beltway here's a live look at the northwest side at old court road. very slow making the drive down to route 40. here's what the beltway looks like in parkville at harford road inner loop nice and clear and if outer loop just a -- the outer loop just a bit sluggish. megan and charlie, over to you. we are following break news out of fell's point where firefighters are battling a fire that broke out at a liquor store. linda so is live on the phone. >> reporter: charlie, what we see right now is a thick cloud of black smoke coming from this three story big brick building. we're about a block away from the h. and s. bakery right near the broadway market in fells
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point, this is the 1700 block of fleet street. what we know is that this call came in at around 5:30 this morning. when firefighters arrived, they found smoke on the first and second floor. they were quickly able to get that out. but then they found fire on the third floor. it became pretty intense. so firefighters had to be evacuated from the building because of safety conditions. we're told firefighters did have to help one person out of the building. that person's condition is unknown at this point. this is liquor store on the first floor. we're not sure what the second and third floor store but again firefighters are here right now and they've been evacuated from the building because the fire on the third floor is very intense. they're working on the outside to knock it out but again roads around the area in the 1700 block of fleet street where it meets broadway are blocked off right now because of the fire equipment here. we expect these roads to be closed for at least a couple of hours as they work to stomp to
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fire out. linda so, abc2 news. >> again we'll have more traffic updates on the road closures in fell's point this morning. less than 48 hours after the autopsy showed a man died in police custody. city detectives are now looking into a shooting that involved one of their own. abc2 news' sherrie johnson joins us this morning. she is live and been following the story. working the phones since this happened very early. >> reporter: yes, i just got off the phone. with police investigators been talking to them this morning. we were able to shoot video overnight of this police involved shooting. it happened about 12:30 just after midnight here in the 1500 block of east lanvale street. this is near the oliver neighborhood a few blocks east of green mount cemetery. now according to baltimore city police they got a phone call from a person and once they arrived on the scene they found a man with a gun. now baltimore police said that the man was shot in the lower extremities and he was taken to
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johns hopkins hospital with nonlife-threatening injuries, the police officer was not gyred in the shall -- injured in the shooting. a semiautomatic weapon rouse recovered from the scene -- was recovered from the scene this morning and there will be a media briefing later on this morning and of course we'll bring you that information as it becomes available. reporting live from city police headquarters, sherrie johnson, abc2 news. we expect to learn more today about the deadly meningitis outbreak that's hit several states including maryland. the cdc holds a news conference at 1:00 this afternoon. he's what we know this morning. the cdc now believes it all started when a contaminated batch of steroid injections used to relieve back pain. the outbreak has sickened 26 people across five states. two of those cases are right here in maryland. and one patient has now died. >> i do wish that maybe they could bring patients together. we could have a physician perhaps to answer these questions and put our mind at
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rest. >> the contaminated product has been pulled from the shelves but six facilities here in unk contaminated shots before that happened. they include locations in baltimore, towson, edgewood, abingdon and bel air. nine minutes from 7:00 right now. and for a monthly fee movie lovers this one is for you. because there's now a new app and it is basically designed for making the movie tickets more affordable for you. it's called movie pass and it is available. it works like netflix. you sign up for a subscription and you pay between anywhere between $25 and $40 a month depending on where you live. and you get one movie pass per day. so, once you check in using that app you can pick up your ticket at the movie theater and for right now, you have to be invited to participate. but they do expect this program to expand. you've heard the threat before. if so and so is voted president i'm leaving the country. now jet blue is offering you the chance to do it for free. the airline will give 1,006
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people free round trip tights to more than a dozen countries, first pick the candidate on the website before election day. then you have to be on the losing side if you want to win. got the shock of his life when some good samaritans stopped him. a man followed a 62-year-old woman out of the store after she cashed her check. just before she got into her brother's car the thief pounced and snatches her pocketbook. several people who saw what happened they went after him and they grabbed him before he got away. time now for five things on this thursday morning. tonight a vigil will be held commemorating the tenth anniversary of the deadly d.c. sniper attack at the goshen united methodist church in gaithersburg starting at 6:pro. the obama administration is urging cuba to allow allen gross to see his personal doctor. that's because an american radiologist says that gross may have a cancerous growth on his
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shoulder. the 53-year-old has been behind bars in cuba since 2009. officials there say that he is healthy. baltimore city no longer controls the edgar allan poe house and museum. it is turning the property over to the b and o railroad property museum. it will work with a new organization in hopes to make the house self-sufficient. baltimore city is paying the railroad museum $180,000. right now it's closed but is expected to open next year, u.p.s. is going green. today the company is expected to unveil 40 of its new alternative fuel vehicles at their hub in laurel. 20 of the hybrid cars will hit the streets around baltimore. the rest will be sent to atlanta. u.p.s. says the new cars can get up to 35% improved fuel economy. and lower carbon emissions. a new report card shows water quality in the inner harbor didn't improve last year in baltimore. it blames heavy rain that
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washed pollution into the harbor for the bad report. all right, well fall arrived just about two week ago but the leaves are still on the trees here. not the case though in north dakota. look at this. they're having to deal with the real thing. we're talking about snow. take a look at this. yep. snow beginning to look a little more like winter there. an inch of snow expected to fall in parts of north dakota, maybe more, minnesota. now according to the national weather service this may stick around, this is unusual but not unheard of right? >> exactly. you said it megan. but satellite and radar and you can see the snow coming down in north dakota. and also minnesota is going to get in on the action and when it's all said and done, locally they could see up to about a foot of snow. so we'll definitely keep our eyes peeled for that one. it's a little bit too soon for us to get snow and even want the snow but hopefully we will get some snow in here. but for today just rain pushing from the south to the north with plenty of cloud covers and also some patchy fog in spots the morning. we can see in bel air just
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clouds coming in across the area. as well as lots of humidity and temperatures in the upper 60s. we can see that in sparrows point and also bel air this morning. 67 in manchester. and eldersburg at 69. here's the system that's pushing to the north. and we will have this cold front slide through today. on the backside of it high pressure will build in and tomorrow is going to be a great day with plenty of sunshine. we can see what's going on as we work our way into the afternoon and into tomorrow. that's when things will clear out and then by the weekend, we have a powerful front that's going to work its way into the area and drop those temperatures. for today i'm going with a warm 82. getting cooler this evening. 59 and 80 tomorrow. it's going to be a nice day. here's that seven day forecast for you as we look at sunday. 59 degrees. let's get a check now of the abc2 timesaver traffic with lauren cook. good morning. good morning lynette. well, we are following breaking news out of fells point where a fire shut down fleet street between broadway and register street. if you are traveling in the area definitely stick with
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eastern avenue as your alternate route. 95 a crash has been confined tonight southbound shoulder at caton avenue. expect delays but the main trouble spot is going to be the west side of the beltway. here's a look at the delays at old court road that outer loop extremely jammed as you make the drive down towards route 40. here's where the beltway looks like in parkville at harford road. no problems on the inner loop but the outer loop starting to value up towards tow southern. and finally as it is election day, a big win for teddy roosevelt. okay, he was president back in 1901 but this is a different type of competition. mascots run during the 4th inning of every washington nationals game when they're at home at nationals park. since '06. teddy has never won the race. don't feel bad. fans started chanting let teddy win. [ people chanting ] . and then -- there you go. teddy wins. 500 tries. and teddy finally wins. >> and it looks like he was
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racing with abraham lincoln and thomas jefferson. >> like you said the relish catching the mustard at o's park? >> go o's! [ captions by: caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838 email: ]
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